My Career as a Software Test Engineer

I am a Software Test Engineer with a passion for automation. My goal as a Test Engineer is to build tools, frameworks, and libraries to enable other Engineers to write tests efficiently.

I also do work in writing Unit tests, Integration tests, and Functional tests to ensure the quality of the software. My experience is in building out libraries and infrastructure to test APIs at all levels. I work in the .NET stack, so the majority of my posts will be about C# and the NUnit testing framework.

Why I Blog

My primary resources for programming and testing are all online. As most engineers, when I get stumped on a solution I go to Google. I try to describe the problem I am facing but often times find myself not finding what I need. This is where I want to start giving back to the software engineering community and improve the content that is available for anyone to consume.

I am also a firm believer in continual self-improvement and am constantly trying to find things to push me to become a better engineer. I am hoping, that in blogging, I will become a better engineer and tester. Along with self-improvement, If I can help out at least one person, I will find this blog a success.

Tools and Technologies

Here are a list of the technologies that I use on a daily basis. These will be highlighted in many of my posts

  • Languages
    • C#
    • VB.NET
    • Python
  • Continuous Integration
    • Jenkins
    • Hyper-V
    • Powershell
  • Testing Frameworks and Libraries
    • NUnit
    • Moq
    • Robot Framework